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Simplify Your BIM Journey.

Your Gateway to Innovation in BIM

QuadBIM pioneers BIM excellence, offering transformative services from revolutionary project solutions to strategic manpower and expert training. Elevate your projects with innovation and precision, globally and seamlessly.

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    BIM Consulting Services

    QuadBIM transforms projects with revolutionary BIM services, surpassing blueprints, optimizing processes, and driving efficiency through innovation.

    BIM Services​

    Drafting Services​

    Scan to BIM​

    Company’s vision

    Restrengthening Building Information Modelling.

    At QuadBIM, our vision is to create a superior living environment by empowering clients to construct high-performance buildings and sustainable structures through cutting-edge digital technologies.

    We aim to be a leading innovator in the AEC industry, renowned for exceptional customer experiences, delivering value engineering on every project, and fostering a workplace of excellence. Our commitment is to drive innovation, sustainability, and a positive impact within the industry.

    BIM Manpower Services

    Empower your projects with QuadBIM's adaptable resource solutions, customized to your needs, offering strategic advantage.

    On Site Resources

    Off Site Resources

    Hybrid Resources

    Staff Augmentation

    Our nearly 1,000 committed staff members are ready to help.

    BIM Training Services

    Embark on a transformative learning journey with QuadBIM, your ally in corporate training for Building Information Modelling.

    BIM DX - Digital Transformation

    Embark on a digital transformation in BIM. Revolutionize workflows, enhance collaboration, and pioneer innovation seamlessly with QuadBIM.

    Transition from unmanaged 2D CAD systems.

    Progress to Managed CAD systems. Integration of a Common Data Environment (CDE).​

    Advancement to a Managed 3D Environment with Data Management and Integration.​

    Fully integrated and collaborative process, empowered by 'web services'.

    The Untapped Savings with AIX Services.

    The synergy between Building Information Modelling (BIM) and collaboration offers project owners substantial, often untapped, savings.​

    BIM's digital platform enhances communication, enabling seamless collaboration among project stakeholders. 

    Our clients praise us for great results.

    Are you ready for a better, more productive business?

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